Monday, October 26, 2009

Your Mailbox is Full

Well. I guess that's a bit of an overstatement. My mailbox is not actually full. But I did get a small flurry of messages over the last couple of days. Finally one from Toby. Finally! I'm not the kind of girl who sits by the telephone, but I must admit I was beginning to wonder. It wasn't quite as mushy as I was hoping, but it was sweet and mildly encouraging.

Toby wrote:

Hi Suddie.

Here we are again in Palm Springs in the house where we first played around the pool. Now I don't have anyone to play with here except my Dads and they don't want to play with me as long as I want. But, they say soon I may have some one to play with, I think it is going to be one of our puppies. Sounds like the puppies are growing fast and that you are taking good care of them. I can't imagine how difficult it is, with 7 of them, to keep in line and well fed.

Glad to know how you got your name, very interesting. I think your dad told us where the name Deep Acres Farm came from but we forgot. To tell you the truth, I don't much like the water. Oh, I forgot the time I had a good time on the beach in Mexico. We were walkin on the beach and Dad let me off the leash and then all these birds were around and flying over the waves. I decided I wanted to chase them. So I had a great time! Got in the water and the waves were very strong. Both my Dads got all worried that I would get carried out to sea and they would never see me again. But, I managed to survive and I did have a great time. Guess I was a mess after that, with the salt water and all the sand. But the truth is I don't much like the water. Well keep up the good work.

Lots of Love.


First of all, I want you to know that we did not "play around" by the pool. Not that I wouldn't have. It was warm and sunny. I was wearing my SPF. But, anyway, all of that nonsense came later. And then it wasn't exactly what I would call romantic. It rarely is when a FedEx delivery is required. If you know what I mean. So the moral of this story is? Live in the present? Don't sit around waiting for a special delivery that may or may not arrive? No one ever told me that a long distance relationship would be easy. On the contrary. You know how folks are. Always trying to make you just as miserable as they are. Well I will have you know that my plate is full. I don't need a man to be happy! But Toby is a good boy and oh so handsome and it makes me feel good to know that he is sometimes thinking of me just like I often think of him.

But, you know, men are such a big bag of contradictions. I mean there is Toby going on about how he doesn't like that water when he knows darn well that I have this photo of him floating around the pool. It's not like I hired a private eye or anything. He sent me the pic himself. It's like men just want to get caught. And women? Well you know I'm no expert. But we have our own set of complications.

And it's true, one of our girls is going to California to live with her daddy. That definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. And not because I think strapping him with a kid will keep the other women away. It doesn't work like that. Women like men with kids. It's like a sign of virility or something. But, oh no, when guys see me coming with Roxie and Angus in tow it's like I'm the unibomber or something. And to make matters worse, they usually go after my young daughter. Well no one ever said that life is fair. That's why I'm really so glad that I found a good man like Toby. But, perhaps, I shoulda made him put a ring on it. Toby, if you like it you shoulda put a ring on it. Wha-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.