Saturday, October 10, 2009

Temperature Drop

Not only was it much colder here on the farm when I woke up this morning, but my temperature dropped as well (to 98.4 degrees). This means that my pups are going to arrive soon (probably in the next 12 to 48 hours). I'm a bit restless, pacing and panting, with frequent potty brakes. That's kinda par for the course. This is my 2nd (and last) litter so I know a thing or two about birthin babies. I have my room all set with a beautiful home made wood whelping box (that is where my pups and I will hang out for the first three or four weeks). It's all outfitted with one of my many dog beds, a fancy towel we borrowed from a hotel in Argentina, a soft little ducky toy, and a fuzzy, comfy fake lamb wool thingy that will keep the pups nice and cozy after they arrive. There's also a heat lamp and heater to make sure it is nice and toasty. We have lots of towels and such all ready for the big event. Two of my pups from my first litter, Angus and Roxie, are still at home with me and I think they wonder what's going on with mom. I guess they will know soon enough. That's it for now. I'll write more after the pups arrive. I gotta go pee.


  1. Hi Suddie! Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting me and I would love to be your furiend...and follower. I hope you are doing ok. It has been about 12 hrs since your post and I don't know if you are giving birth yet but good luck to you. I hope you have an easy labor.

  2. How did you find me? I'm just curious. I don't know anything about puppies so good luck to you for sure. Happy to follow you if you want to follow me too.

  3. I read your profile and noticed that you are a discriminating dog that loves the movie Benji as much as I do. Dogs of a feather should stick together!

  4. Twix.

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. Believe me I need them.

    Here's to wet noses and lots of them! And I don't care where you put them!!