Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rise of the TTs

Guess what! Yesterday my pups Elsa and Rufus competed in the ring for the very first time. It was a puppy match for pups aged 3 -6 months and it took place right after the best of breed competition. It was also their handlers', Grace and Ryan, first time in a ring. It was a great day.

The entire team, including little sister Sophia, arrived at the show a bit early and hanging out in the stands seemed like an eternity but it did give Ryan and Grace a lot of time to groom Rufus and Elsa.

Grace and Ryan bathed and groomed the pups and put on some very smart outfits themselves including the junior handler pins that they received from the AKC. And, as a finishing touch, fanny packs to hold treats for Elsa and Rufus. Grace wore some very snazzy boots.

Everyone performed like champs in the ring although Rufus did not like the judging table at all. He laid down at first but Ryan got him up and stacked. He also likes to sit down in the ring which is a no no.

Elsa looked peppy and spirited with Grace in the ring. Very Grace-ful.

Rufus took winners dog and Elsa took winners bitch. Rufus championed over Elsa in the best of breed competition after which he advanced to the non-sporting group competition. Do I have to mention that they were the only Tibetan Terriers in the puppy match? The group competition was very rigorous with the judge putting all the pups through their paces, going back and forth, bringing them around the ring at least three times. Eventually Rufus was given second place in the group competition.

Of all the non-sporting puppies, he got SECOND place. How awesome.

Ryan, Grace, and Sophia celebrated with dairy queen cones and promptly fell asleep on the ride home. It was a very great day.


  1. You are sooooo making me want another puppy! How adorable!

  2. Oh that is brilliant they look as though they walked well, no jumping up and twisting unlike my two's antics when I first started showing them!

  3. Well done Grace, Ryan and Sophia and of course Rufus ad Elsa :-D

  4. Good for everyone. Great experience for the Junior Handlers. Our Deepest Admiration, Deep Acres.

  5. Thanks for the compliments earlier today. I looked at some of you TT pictures here and they are of good taste. Keep up the good work!

    Matt and Halo(The TT)