Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I received a note from my pup Sadie. Sadie is from my first litter and she lives with Grammy Jill. The pic below is Sadie in the boots Grammy makes her wear in the winter.

Dear Momma,
I was pretty bummed last week when my human Mom left for Ann Arbor (her oldest granddaughter graduated from Univ of MI on Sat--I guess she must be real smart) but it worked out alright--Dad took me up to the golf club on Fri. nite and we sat out on the patio with friends and I got lots of attention.--he didn't offer me any of his beer tho'!
I'm really excited about you and my bro and sister coming here memorial w/e but a little worried that Angus and Roxie won't be able to get dirty because of being in a dog show but @ least I'll get you to myself for a while--we'll be swimming the lake while they're stuck in a show ring-- some new dog parks have opened up in our area maybe we can check them out?
In closing, I want to tell you thanks for placing me with your Dad's Mom--I can tell she really loves me and I know I've got it good here.
Your loving daughter,
Sadie "Sweetpea"

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