Saturday, November 27, 2010

Righteous Bitch

Well, you know me, I hate to brag. But I think I've hit the big time. I was featured on both the Huffington Post and today. The Huffington Post featured those FUNNY lost and found signs I posted on my blog yesterday (see below) and also included a link to my website. I got quite a bit of traffic from that. Who knows. Maybe soon I'll have a multi-book deal with a movie option. I definitely need an agent and a publicist. My dad is just too small potatoes. If that wasn't enough (and it never is), the folks from selected my boy, Rufus, Deep Acres Fields of Gold, as their favorite dog at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show and went on to gush about this "really beautiful Tibetan Terrier." Thank you!

Above: snapped this shot of Rufus at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show and named him their favorite dog at the show.

Now, the folks from My Animal Activist had a HUGE presence at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show. They had an AMAZING display and spent a lot of time educating people about responsible breeding practices. You know things like health screening before breeding, not buying pups from pet shops, and other REALLY IMPORTANT stuff like that. They also had THE BEST merchandise. I think my favorite was their "BALLS ARE OVERRATED" gear.

Above: Amy and Posh

Amy Sparks, who founded is a photographer, video editor, and self-proclaimed crazy dog lady. She's come up with some really creative ways to communicate and promote responsible pet choices and the basic idea that all creatures of this planet deserve respect. Amy shares her home with a Havanese named Posh, 12 Happy Hens, an animal loving daughter, a crazy-Animal-from-the-muppets-like son , and a darling creative husband who tolerates and supports her dog crazy-ness and countless “ideas.”

Amy shared a quote from Abraham Lincoln that I want to share with you.

I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.
-Abraham Lincoln

That Abe Lincoln sure was a smart guy. Amy sure is a smart gal. Makes me proud to be a righteous bitch


  1. You will be doubt! Get yourself a real agent ;)

  2. Hi Suddie, as usual I sooo enjoy your blogs, they cover so much and I love your sense of humour, you are what I call an all round blogger, love and hugs, Andrea, Murphy and Kizzy Shiels, Ireland xxx

  3. love this!!! i will be obnoxiously linking this post to everyone i know. you're the best.