Monday, November 15, 2010

Dogs On The Couch

I don't know what to make of it all. I seem to be allowed in the bed whenever I want. Which is not that often. I actually prefer the floor or one of my many dog beds. I am sometimes allowed on certain chairs and couches, but not always. And some chairs and couches are strictly off limits at all times. Take for example the two white couches at our Dallas place. They are strictly off limits at all times. That's why I was a bit confused when a group of Tibetan Terriers appeared on these two white couches in Dallas. Well, they weren't really Tibetan Terriers. They were felted pillows with the likenesses of Tibetan Terriers on them. My dad had commissioned them and the artist made pillows from photos of Angus, Roxie, and me. And one of my last litter of seven pups.

I think it was one of those impulse purchases. Albeit one that took much coordination and planning. By the time they were completed, I'm quite sure my dad had forgotten all about them. But there they were waiting for us in a box among many other boxes and all our other mail on the bench in the hall when we arrived at our Dallas place

The way I feel about the one that is supposed to look like me is the way I think a lot of people feel about their driver's license photo. I hate it.

I must admit, these pillows. they do have a certain Je ne sais

. Maybe it's cause they are hairy like us. And I quite like the one of my last batch of pups. And, I guess, they do capture a bit of our essence. But I wasn't surprised at all when my dad took them off the couches and put them in a cupboard after just a couple of days on the couch.

In another box was a very different pillow from an artist named Llubav Choy Duerr. Llubav is quite well known for making the most exquisite ring pillows for weddings. Dad commissioned her first normal sized pillow and the result is QUITE NICE.

After spending the first ten years of her life in the small fishing village that is Chimbot, Peru, where her days consisted of drawing, dancing, and eating ceviche, Llubav left her native land on a journey that took her to Mexico City, suburban Virginia, and, finally, New York City. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and young son. When she's not tending to them, she enjoys antiquing, cooking, and anything involving Bailey's Irish Creme. To see what Llubav is up to lately, check out her blog.

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  1. Suddie, you left a comment on my obsolete blog, (I Went To Law School blah blah blah) so visit me at my real blog: There you can read about me, my family and our dog. The blog is also connected to, a web site I own and operate that puts pictures on all kinds of things; that's where I got the handbag with the photo of our dog.

    You are clearly (one of) the best TTs in the world. I can tell by reading your eloquent writing and admiring your gorgeous photos. Our TT, Violet, looks very much like the second-to-last baby in your photo column on the right side. We love her deliriously and think she is just about the most delightful dog we've ever met, and the cleverest (she learned how to turn on our sprinklers when she wanted a drink).

    I would love to talk about writing something for your blog; maybe we could trade!