Monday, November 22, 2010

The Duchess and Countess of Lyndale

Above: The Duchess Oversees Her Territories

You remember my friends Ella and Maisie from the Isle of Skye. Well it turns out that Ella in a duchess and Maisie is a countess and they live on a FABULOUS estate, Lyndale, on the Isle of Skye. And you may remember that I wrote about the
Isle of Skye way back when. That was when I first met Ella's mom Linda Ridsdill Smith. Back when Maisie was just a twinkle in her mother's eye. Maybe even before Maisie was a twinkle. We go way back!! We're tight.

Not to repeat myself, but Skye is an island off the coast of Scotland. According to Skye's official website, it "is the world's favourite island, recently voted 4th best island in the world by National Geographic magazine."

Above: The Countess Surveys Her Property

If you ask me, Lyndale is the number one reason to visit the Isle of Skye. And, don't get me wrong, there are lots of good reasons to visit. Now, since you are probably packing your bags already, easy back cowboys. Your first move should be to visit Lyndale's website: Here you will come to learn Lyndale is an idyllic holiday retreat, set in its own private estate and surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Hidden down a wooded bluebell lined drive, the estate centres around a 300-year-old tacksman’s house which, along with its old laundry, stables and grade-B listed (say what?) 'ink-pot' style gate lodge, have been renovated with tremendous flair and enthusiasm by owners Marcus and Linda. And that is an understatement. I am, literally, shaking with excitement. And my tail? My tail is out of control. Because, you know, not only is Lyndale more SWANK than any Four Seasons or Peninsula Hotel ever, but Lyndale is also the home of the duchess and countess and their fabulous chamber maid, Linda, and boot black, Marcus. And the setting!!! The grounds. Oh, the grounds! It's a place where Tibetan Terriers can, and do, run free.

As I very recently told my dear friend Andrea, the only dilemma is where to stay. Should one stay in the Main House, the Stables, the Laundry, or the Gate Lodge. Fellow TT owner Andrea has been and stayed in the Gate Lodge. "It is absolutely lovely. It is GORGEOUS - thoroughly recommend a visit, it's soooooo relaxing an idyllic setting," Andrea understated. Everything is perfect and, yet, understated. No detail is ignored. Even the umbrella's are AMAZING. I am lusting for one.

Ella, there must be a dashing duke you can introduce me to. Or Maisie, a suitable count? Until then, I would be very content to spend my days (and nights) with you at lovely Lyndale.

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  1. Beamer and his family would like to visit, too! ;)