Monday, December 6, 2010

Female Tibetan Terrier Lost in Edgard, Louisiana

I just found out Phoebe, a Tibetan Terrier, is lost in Edgard, Louisiana. Linda, her owner, just posted this message, but it appears she has been missing since October. The following information is provided by Linda. Please share/post/email this to help get the word out and find this adorable TT.

Message from: Linda McCormick Caire

We lost her while she was staying with my in-laws (who are 81 and 85) on River Road in Edgard, LA on 10/4. She is a 7 yr old Tibetan Terrier 20 lb a beauty. She probably was looking for me but I was in New Orleans moving into to our house.

The area is very rural in Edgard with 8,000 acres of sugar cane behind their house. I have put out 300 flyers, listed her on Petfinder, Craigslist and visited all the shelters. I have spoken to the police who have not seen her or picked up any dead dogs like her.

I have driven River Road and all the surroundings fields and walked all the ditches. With all this said, I feel as though someone picked her up. She is very pretty and sweet. I am a huge animal lover and this is probably one of the toughest things I have been through and I really want her back… dead or alive.


Linda McCormick Caire
443 994 1686


  1. I am very sorry to hear about this situation. The standard procedure i was taught by my mentor was to go to the area near the sugar cane or roadway and make a pile of your dirty clothes and underwear with food. There are cases when the TT just went underground , into deep foilage, lost, and wouldn't respond to calls, etc. This loss with this dog has happened quite some time ago, so I don't know about the effort, now. We will try to spread the word and be of some help. Miracles have happened with lost Tibetans.

  2. If somebody stole her may they rot in hell.

  3. This is so sad...I hope they find her. I will put a tweet never know.