Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Shmo

You know how Tibetan Terrier people are always going on about how much their dogs love the snow and how cute it is and what not. Well it is true we do love the snow. But YAWN. I mean really is it that interesting? No, of course not. But while my dad was out at a friend's birthday party tonight getting all liquored up at the Corkscrew, it snowed liked mad here. And it is beautiful and it does really get me going. I do love to do a snowplow through the snow with my nose and dance a Kris Kringle jig. And when we all come back in the house dad tries to get us to "SHAKE." And we do. But we are still completely wet from the snow and the house is completely wet from us. And we do really need to find a cleaning lady or perhaps get cement floors with a great big drain in the middle that we can hose down occasionally when things get out of hand. And can we laminate the furniture or, perhaps, get rid of all the furniture and just buy cheap pillows at Walmart or Ikea or somewhere and all sleep together on the floor like they do in a YURT some places with chickens and pigs and beautiful carpets that smell like chicken and pigs and smoke.

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas (or Kwanzaa or Hanukah or what not).


  1. Ha ha! You sure looked like you were having fun! I saw some doggy smiles. We have heated tile floors - they're the best! They are warm on cold paws and then the snow melts and disappears. Tibby loves them.
    P.S. That video made up my mind - I have to get a 2nd TT. They are so cute together!

  2. LOL!! We love the idea of hosing Beamer down and having the drain in the middle of the floor! Genius! :) Beamer would miss the sofas, chairs and beds if we got rid of them, so that won't work, but it's a nice thought to ditch it all! Very cute playtime in the snow.