Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hurry-Up Chocolate Cake

My dad loves the Hurry-Up Chocolate Cake. He makes it in 2 nine-inch rounds and it creates the perfect layer cake. The frosting is AMAZING!!

The rumor is that it's an old Mennonite recipe, but it was shared with us by our dear friend Marian from the Mile High City and, let me tell you, she's no Mennonite. It is simply the best chocolate cake you will ever put in your mouth. At least that's what I hear. You know dogs can't eat chocolate!

Did I tell you that lately I have a thing for raw carrots. Chomping on a raw carrot is kinda like chewing on sticks. ONLY BETTER!!


  1. I wish Beamer wud eat carrots, in fact I need to chat with you about Beamer. Anyway, I want this cake before then!

  2. Oh Suddie, Tippy and I love carrots....I'm the chocolate bunny rabbit, you know! Mom gets us those fresh baby carrots for special treats. When she opens the veggie bin, we're both there, noses to the bin! I spind and Tippy's tail is waggin' faster than anything I've seen before! Mom is gonna try that cake recipe!

    Love, Hope

  3. Hi Mommy...Roscoe here. I just had to chime in because I LOVE RAW CARROTS! Everyone at my house gives them to me. My sister Eliza says I'll never wear glasses : )

    Miss you, love you...Roscoe

  4. Roscoe!! Where have you been? I think you owe me a few pics and some stories! LOVE YOU!!