Friday, April 22, 2011

Tibetan Terrier Molly missing in Concord, California

Molly, a beautiful Tibetan Terrier, who lives in Concord, California is missing. Please pass this information on to friends in the area.

Here are the details on her escape....

Our back gate was accidentally left open and we didn't realize she was missing until she was gone. Three of us drove around for about an hour tonight and found no sign of her.

She is a white and black/gray Tibetan Terrier. She is an important member of our family and we hate the thought that she is out there tonight ALONE!

We live close to Baldwin Park near Port Chicago Highway. I'm hoping your readers can keep an eye out for her. She got a bath today so unfortunately she did not have her collar on, but she is chipped.

Hopefully Molly will make it home very soon!

If you've seen her, or know where she is located, please email


  1. I sent a separate email to Molly's family this am, but other readers might want to know about the website. I understand their technology robo-calls thousands of phones within a radius of the "last seen" location and also posts on twitter, facebook, etc. They claim a 78% success rate within 48 hours of loss. I only know of it from media stories, but it might be worth checking out.

  2. YES. i wrote about in one of my posts. check it out