Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Some friends from Tibetan Terrier Rescue let us know about poor Stanley. Stanley needs a home, but first he needs some health care. TT Rescue has raised over $1200 for Stanley's surgery, but are still $1000 short.

My dad will contribute $200 if someone will match his donation. Won't you help?

Here's the info from TT Rescue's website:

Sweet 2 year old Stanley was found wandering the streets of Maynardville, TN. Lacking any sort of street savvy, animal control was surprised the little guy had managed for what appeared to be substantial time. The shelter took him in and the staff were immediately captivated by Stanley's sweet and loving nature, and his playful disposition. The held onto him, knowing that his owners would be desperate to get him back, citing some sort of horrible accident where Stanley got lost. That never happened. So, the staff painstakingly cleaned up his long white locks and trimmed out all the mats, knowing that his coat was no ordinary coat :) They noticed during this time that his hips seemed to be bothersome. When they anesthetized him for his neuter, they took x-rays of his hips and heartworm checked him. Horrible news. Stanley has substantial arthritis in his poorly formed hips and is heartworm positive. The vet said that Stanley would need a bilateral FHO to have any reasonable expectation of a life where his pain can be managed long term. Also, of course, the heartworms would have to be treated. This was horrible news for Stanley, and for the staff that had come to love him. Southern shelters can't adopt out dogs with such special needs and Southern rescues are bubbling over with dogs, getting a rescue to take a pup who needs $2,500 worth of surgery and treatment is near impossible. Stanley was slated for euthanasia. The day came and went, but the shelter just couldn't do it. They added him to the schedule to be put to sleep a week later...it never happened.

Stanley is now in foster care and a donor has sponsored his heartworm treatment. He has been evaluated by an orthopedic specialist, who agrees that Stanley needs surgery on both his hips. The rescue price for such elaborate surgery is $2,250. We desperately need help raising the funds to save this sweet boy. Won't you please help us help Stanley?


  1. I was wondering if we have news of Stanley? How is he doing? I donated to the fund, a little bit helps...

  2. You know Lucie, I was wondering the same thing. Here is the update that was posted on facebook:

    Nikkie Kinziger:
    the fund were raised for his surgery, yes...anything additional that comes in will be put toward his therapy and medications that will most defiately be needed following. I know Camille was calling this week to get the surgery scheduled. That's all I know so far.
    August 2 at 11:07am · Like

    Brenda Algar:
    Camille Manfredonia, Recue Coordinator for TTCA is in charge of everything for Stanley. She posted a message to all on her wall but I will ask her if she can post something here as well. Stanley is due to have his surgery this week or next from what I understand thanks to everybody who helped!! Camille will also be sending out periodic updates on his progress. I will cross post them so that we are sure that everyone who helped gets the news!!

    Thanks so much for supporting this effort with me!!!!