Monday, November 16, 2009

Pups on Parade

The pups are growing up. Check out my 4 1/2 week old babes.

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  1. Hi Suddie, Sorry that I haven't been a good correspondant,but I just came back from my morning walk and was thinking of you and the pups. I have been following the progress of them on this Blog and enjoyed the videos and pictures. Especially liked the one when Angus and Roxie first met the pups. Angus seems to look in markings a lot like the little girl I think is coming to join me. I'm looking forward to that day!
    Strange things are happening here these last couple of days. My dads seem to be getting luggage out and arranging clothing etc. I have a feeling that they are going somewhere and I don't think I am going with them this time. But that is OK. I always stay with my handler while they go away and she is very nice with me. She has a grooming business and I go every day with her and see lots of dogs come and go, so I'm not left alone at home. And she has a son who plays with me after work. So life is not all bad, but I do miss my Dads when they leave me there.
    On my walk this morning it was damp from the dew last night and my feet got all dirty and black. So when i got home they did this stange thing and got a large plastic glass and put warm water in it and then proceeded to dunk my feet one at a time in the water and then toweled them dry. Guess they don't like me running around the house with dirty feet. But I love my walks because I can catch up on all the news in the neighbor. There are lots of messages left on the telephone poles and bushes etc. I have to stop to get the news then I leave a message for the next dog to get, you know what I mean? Also meet lots of other dogs and some are very friendly, but others don't seem to like me for some reason. Maybe they are jealous because I am so handsome. Well, I better go and see if they made any of those treats that I see receipts for in you blog. So far I have been disapointed that they haven't made any for me. But I keep hoping for some. Take care and I miss you.